Fathers just keep getting kicked around!

Fathers just keep getting kicked around!

As some of you may know, I was for the fourth and final time awarded custody of my children this past October. We are almost on the middle of December and she has not given a penny on child support claiming that she is unemployed and therefore has no income. She quit her job and is now being supported by her Mom and Dad.

We go to court on February 9, 2017 to bring this to the Judge. Anyone knows of what the law says about this. Remember I am in Georgia.

Also, years ago, she, being the custodial parent was responsible for child care costs. She was constantly delinquent with these charges and the day care would ask me to please pay or they would have to remove the children from the school. I would go ahead and pay thinking about the children. Years after during the custody case I realized that I paid over $21,000.00 on child care through the years because I kept all cancelled checks.

Prior to filing for custody, my children lived with me for approximately 3 years. I told her I would not pay child support since I was providing everything for them (100%) and she agreed. Of course I made the mistake of not doing this on paper and legally so after the years I kept them she sewed me for 3 years of child support. Lets just say I owe her $28,000.00 and the fact that the children were with me does not matter since I did not have a signed and court approved document. I tried to use the $21,000.00 I paid for child care to reduce this amount but the law in GA says that those payment made for child care are considered gifts to my children.

I want to go to the highest court and change that law but of course I can’t afford the fight. Is there a way to do this without going bankrupt? Changing the law in Georgia provides a good precedent for other states and I the Judge the tried our case said very clearly that I had an excellent argument that could make a change on the law but that it was not his courts place to do this change.


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