A gift to me at Christmas

hello i just received my support and custody papers today in the mail and i am just crushed and don’t know what to do!!!! i an worried that i will not be able to see my little girl this year for Christmas this year and i am just at a loss on what to do

Your message gives very little information for a response but I’ll try.

  1. Read the custody papers – do they discuss visitation at Xmas?
  2. If you and your sig. other live together, and she has not been granted exclusive possession of the house, she can’t kick you out (but could take the child to visit her folks).
  3. What is your relationship with the mother. Are you two friendly or are you using therm-nuclear weapons? If friendly, why not just ask her – she might surprise you.
  4. Call the clerk’s office for the courthouse where your case will be heard (it should be on the papers you were served). Better yet – go there. Ask if there is anyway you can get before a judge with a proposed holiday visitation schedule before next Friday (only if #3 doesn’t work).
  5. If the mother has an attorney, ask HIM/HER about seeing your daughter. If no, point out that the mother’s refusal to let you see the child at the holidays, in the absence of a threat of emotional or physical danger, will be used by you as evidence of a failure on the part of the mother to act in the child’s best interests.
  6. Get your attorney to call her attorney. Might work!