This is just one of the prices men pay

This is just one of the prices men pay when they choose to have sex with someone they are not married to first. The laws in most states are based around marriage in divorce. Single fathers are just a shadowy figure who owes child support. I tell this everyday to men who call me.

Somehow we think that just because the Constitution says equal treatment under the law means that everyone gets treated equally. That simply is not the case and that is something we should be thinking about when we drop our pants and stick our tools in someone’s tool box.

Under the current state of the laws, men should consider signing the contract and putting a ring on the woman’s finger, before we try to fit the tool int he toolbox. But, if the man simply cannot wait, than buy a wedding ring and put it over his tool, first. I can guarantee there will nto be any babies produced than. Or else, get a vasectomy. They’re cheap, painless, and reversible.

These adoption cases are virtually impossible to overturn, and those that have been take years, and only when the bio parents get married. Speaking of New York, we did a CBS 48-Hours segment a few years back, titled “Fathers Fighting Back.” One of the stories was about a NYC police officer whose ex-girlfriend put their child up for adoption. He tried unsuccessfully to get the adoption overturned.

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