Non-Profit Status

Please note that the National Organization for Women-Action Center has begun the process of challenging the non-profit status of any organization that opposes their agendas. Their first target is Jim Cook of the Joint Custody Association. Non-Profits are not allowed to spend more than 15% of the funding on lobbying efforts under IRS rules. If any of you are a member of a father’s group, that has a 501(c)(3) status, that you immediately review your activites to make sure that you are in keeping with IRS rules. It shoudl be noted that the National Congress for Fathers and Children will also be making the same request of all NOW chapters.

When available, we will post the list, and the IRS rule, so that other groups made do the same thing. Mind you, if you make these requests, they can charge you up to 25 cents per copy. But, you might consider writing your local newspaper. You can also send a note to Jim Cook, at the:

Joint Custody Assc.
10606 Wilkins Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024

He is not email savey, so you will need to use snail mail. Just drop him a note. He is the original author of the joint custody laws in the US, and if you check the records of how the joint custody laws in your state were developed, you will likely find that Jim came to your state to testify.

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