I Have A Question For All The Father

There is a total of 262 members in this community. My first question. And I am requesting that all the fathers in the club to answer these questions.

  1. What do you father intend to do to resolve the issue of Dads in family court?
  2. If we as fathers are aware that there is no rights organization for fathers what is this group think should be down to resolve that problem?
  3. And do you believe that there is a solution to the problem that we father are facing?
  4. Do you think that father are going to have more problems with Trump as President?
  5. And if a father is President why is fathers rights being and issue in Family Court?
  6. If we are aware that there is a problem in our court system why are we not protesting in the same manner as women?
  7. Do we as fathers believe that we do not really have the right to vote after the Supreme Court Ruling?