Set yourself for a fight

Set yourself for a fight- if your don’t want a ‘hired gun’ to do your fighting for you, prepare to hear the bullets whistle by your own head.

The *one thing* that you have to do is set yourself for a fight; you must see the outcome of the question as absolutely life threatening in terms of it’s significance in your future.

If a judge shows bias against you as a pro se litigant, you could report them to the appropriate grievance committee. If the opposing lawyer acts in an unethical manner, and it’s common, you may report them to the grievance committee. You can’t *make* an enemy, you already have one. Pushing the Grievances with follow-up letters with additional charges will cause them to become more and more unstable and they start to really screw up. Get it on the record- anything you file to the Grievance Committee, file into your Court folder- when it’s notarized, it becomes a ‘published’ document and anyone can take notice of it.

No one cares where the ax falls if their nuts aren’t on the chopping block.

I know a guy who has kept the whole thing up in the air for almost ten years. They’ve spent megahundreds of thousands of dollars, months/years of unbillable lawyer-time, weeks of unproductive court-time. Sometimes when he goes to court, there are six, eight and ten lawyers there in opposition. He’s utterly judgment proof- and if *he* wins, it will cost them a *lot* of money. He can keep throwing shots at them until they miss one. He’s utterly ‘right’, which makes it unthinkable that he would quit. They have his children, so he has reasons to keep on fighting and to have no reservations about who he goes after and by what legal means. The legal forms to file court process are widely available- support groups abound- legal study groups on specific areas of the law abound-filing is cheap, papers are cheap- some places you can file electronically- it’s possible to drop stuff off of the net, search and replace your name and information, file it for free or the cost of a stamp and envelope/just push the button and send it to the ClerkoftheCourt.

If it costs them $1000 for a lawyer to read and respond to each of your proper actions, they tend to be a bit more amenable to negotiation and concessions. Each action breeds more actions; if a lawyer wanted to do so, he could draw out questions interminably- proper research and an inquiring mind can look at the process in past cases and do the same application now.